The Dino Ride 2016


Head south on Skyline, fast downhill right turn onto Alpine and descend. Carefully. Use care on the descent (do NOT attempt to follow Peter Johnson, Bill Robertson, Keith Vierra or Dave McLaughlin). Regroup at the bottom after the long descent. Veer left onto Pescadero Creek Rd and ascend Haskins Hill. Proceed through Loma Mar and on to mandatory chow stop on Stage Road in Pescadero. Take Stage Road north to San Gregorio for regrouping and argument on whether to proceed back to Skyline via Tunitas Creek or 84 (La Honda Road). For a shorter loop, turn right at the bottom of Alpine and head back through La Honda, up 84 (or Old La Honda) to Skyline and back to the start.

Find your way back to the start and tidy up for the evening party at PA Bike Bicycles.




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Accept no substitutes

This year we’re throwing the kitchen sink at you. Track! Road! Party! One year we

won’t be able to do this anymore. But this is not that year.



4:00p-8:00p Hellyer Park Velodrome under the lights. It doesn’t get any more glamorous.

985 Hellyer Ave, San Jose

(The course is a counterclockwise oval).

$6 for park entry and parking pass at the gate. Please bring $10-$15 to pay for track time and for our professional handler, Michael Hernandez. Oh--and bring some food to get you through the evening.  Please consider clearing out your garage and bringing any surplus track components (wheels, chainrings, bars/stems) to donate to the excellent Hellyer Junior Track Program. And for God's sake--please remember to glue on your tires.

The Main Event: in addition to general goofing around on the track, we will be entertained by Gavin Newman, the "G-Man", (AKA "Geetah"). Come see the Northwest U-7 Track Champion prepare for his Kilo exhibition.

We will be sharing the track with the Jakroo juniors so be on your best behavior. Nik. There will be open track for Dinos to ride starting at 4:00 pm; and then at 6:00 pm there will start a night of opt-in races that anyone can join: 200m TT, 500m TT, Team Sprint, Team Pursuit.

We'll do rounds of these events, and then have 5-8 minute of open track in between rounds. Folks who arrive later in the night can enter into events, and all participants can opt in to different events/team compositions during the rounds.  We’ll try to get everything wrapped up by 8:00 pm so you’ll get plenty of time to rest up for the road ride on Saturday.

See ya there!


THE Dino RIDE—accept  no substitutes

Start at Casa Ritchey,  20005 Skyline Blvd, La Honda.

Gather at 9:00a. Ride departs 10:00a prompt (Nik)

Palo Alto Bike Shop is hosting a party and the Dinos are invited. The event is to commemorate Jobst Brandt and all the great racers from PA Bikes. Be sure to RSVP promptly so we'll know how many are coming and don't run out of beer. The shop will close down at 6:00 to host the party, but if you get there early, be sure to by a new gruppo or something. Please chip in $15-$20 to pay for beer and light chow.

    Palo Alto Bicycles

    171 University Ave, Palo Alto

    (650) 328-7411

Did I mention RSVP for the secret password? Do it now. Thanks.